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Located at 331 Hasbrouck Avenue in Midtown, Kingston, NY.

Store Hours:

Wednesday-Friday 11-7

Saturday 10-6

Sunday 10-5

Call or email us to place an order or to ask what cuts are available.

The Meat Wagon is a whole-animal butcher on a mission to bring pasture-raised, grass fed, and local meats to you, our community. Supporting small farmers and the local economy means everything to us – bringing back real relationships with real people.


What you'll find at The Meat Wagon

First and foremost, this is a warm and welcoming place. Stefano, Casey and now Kelsey are about to become your new best friends!

Come explore our selection of local, pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and eggs, all sourced directly from the farmer. We can provide cooking tips, guidance, and inspiration all along the way. Or we can simply hand off a beautiful, clean cut of meat for you to transform into a culinary masterpiece.

Additionally we carry locally produced groceries, like milk, sauerkraut, pickles, beans and lentils, cheese, charcuterie, and a variety of our favorite pantry staples. We offer our house-made roast beef, ham, and bacon, all sliced to order, as well as condiments and spices.

We invite you to email us about almost anything. Tell us what you want to see at your local butcher shop. Gather some friends together to a buy a whole animal and stock your freezers. Ask questions about our sourcing. Whatever it might be, we're here for you!


Come Visit Us!

We're open Wednesday - Friday, 11am - 7pm, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5
Call or email us to place an order or to ask what cuts are available.

331 Hasbrouck Ave, Kingston


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