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Our Farmer Friends

We're proud to source from these trusted farms in our region.

Rosenkrans Beef
Rochester, NY

Pasture-raised & grass-fed beef

Kinderhook Farm
Valatie, NY

Pasture-raised & woodlot pork

White Clover 
Rushville, NY

Pasture-raised & grass-fed lamb

Sweet Grass
Naples, NY

Pasture-raised & grass-fed lamb

Green Circle Chicken
Lancaster, PA

Pastured & certified humane poultry

Mercurio Farms
Garrison, NY

Fresh eggs from pastured chickens, with rich, nutritious, orange yolks


& more local food

made with love by people who we love.

Farmstock Farm

Hawthorne Valley

Maha Grill

Kimchee Harvest

Ram’s Valley

Rae’s Mushrooms

and more coming every week!