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Whole animal shares

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Whole animal shares are a great way to stock up on quality meat in an affordable way. You can purchase a whole, half or quarter of a steer, whole pig or side of pork, or whole lamb. All cuts come in vacuum sealed bags and are ready for your freezer! From $5.50-$7.50/lb you can get everything from ground beef to tenderloin. 

Specialty items like spring lamb, "suckling" pig, turkey, duck, goose, porchetta, and more are available depending on the season and with advanced notice.

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In Store Retail

Of course we sell retail in our store! Many have asked and the answer is yes! We have a variety of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken cuts and roasts and grinds. We are a whole animal shop so everything comes in limited quantities. Give us a call or send an email to reserve your meats today!